12 Best Christmas Gifts for Nurses Written By a Nurse

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If you have a special nurse in your life, we’ve got you covered with our best Christmas gifts for nurses list! Nurses are a special and fun breed to buy for. We are proud of our profession, and we absolutely love nursing gear and fashion.

If you’re not a nurse yourself, you’re probably researching what kinds of things nurses would like to receive as gifts. Let us make this easier for you. This is the ultimate gift guide for nurses regardless of the season but with Christmas around the corner, this is great for the last-minute shopper.

Gift categories that nurses love:

  • Sweaters and “nurse” labeled clothing
  • Organization style gifts
  • New supplies/gear for work
  • Blankets
  • Candles
  • Self-care focused gifts

Now that you have a basic idea, let’s share with you some awesome finds we found and that WE would love to receive as well. Hint, hint…

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christmas gifts for nurses

12 Best Christmas Gifts For Nurses List:

Starting with…

1. MNLYBABY Registered Nurse Sweatshirt

There is no better way to kick off our best Christmas gifts for nurses list than with this super cute nurse sweater. A lot of facilities allow nurses to wear nursing-related shirts and sweaters instead of scrub tops and hospital shirts. Because of this, most nurses prefer wearing these over uniforms. Even if the nurse in your life isn’t allowed to wear this to work, nurses love showing off that they are nurses. They worked hard for their degree. This is an adorable sweater to throw on to run errands or to go grab coffee with friends.

One Amazon reviewer raved, “All my coworkers were asking me where I got this. Love the color I got. Going to order another one different color”.

2. 2024 Eccolo Spiral Agenda Planner

Nurses are highly motivated and goal-oriented individuals. The nurse in your life likely has big goals for 2024. They may want to go back to school to further their education, or work on their health and fitness. They may have goals to start a side hustle, or grow spiritually. Nurses also have crazy schedules. They usually only work three days a week so organization of their week is key. Additionally, a lot of nurses have trouble buying things for themselves. Especially self-care items. This is a very thoughtful and useful gift for the nurse in your life. We like that this planner has a monthly overview page for to-dos, birthdays, important dates, goals and reminders to help them keep track of their month.

One reviewer raved, “I am not an innately great organizer but this planner has it all! It keeps me on track in a way that works for my inconsistent schedule!”

3. 3M™ Littmann® Cardiology IV™ Diagnostic Stethoscope

Santa Baby, I don’t need a phone, I need a stethoscope!

This is every nurses DREAM stethoscope. Because of that, they are not very likely to buy it for themselves. Many nurses will only receive a stethoscope like this if it comes to them as a gift. This is such a generous and thoughtful gift for a nurse. If only you could imagine the look they will have on their face. This stethoscope is appropriate to use for both adult and pediatric patients. So if the nurse in your life is a “pedi” nurse, this stethoscope is perfect for them as well. This Littman helps isolate subtle sounds, so your nurse can detect changes in their patients’ status and intervene quicker.

This nurse is very happy with theirs and raved, “Great stethoscope, exactly what I needed when my classic Littman became too hard to hear. It is a gorgeous color and of course the most important thing, the sound is phenomenal.”

4. Hydro Flask 12 L Reusable Insulated Bag

Does the nurse in your life not have consistent refrigerator access at work? This is the perfect lunch box to gift that nurse. The name recognition combined with the sleek and trendy design will have them so shocked and excited to receive this. Not only will this lunch box keep their food at a safe temperature all shift, it will also keep their stash of energy drinks ice cold all day. If you’re not a nurse you might not understand these problems, but I promise they are real for nurses across all specialties. The company boasts this lightweight insulation keeps contents chilled for up to 24 hours and its food grade BPA-free liner with welded seams keep spills and splashes contained.

Here is a helpful review we found by someone who uses this as a lunch box as well, “It’s a little big which is good. I meal prep so most of my food is in Pyrex. The solid bottom so helps to distribute the weight more efficiently and it doesn’t lose its shape. Keeps my food nice and cool and is definitely worth the money.”

5. Catalonia Hooded Blanket Poncho

This is a super fun gift to add to our Christmas gifts for nurses list. Do you have a night shift nurse in your life? It’s a nursing inside joke that at around 3am, nurses grab a hospital blanket to wrap themselves into at the nurses station. It would be really nice to buy your nurse their own special blanket to take to work. If they don’t want to take this to work, this is still a great gift. This is the perfect wearable blanket to snuggle into with the coming cold winter months on their days off work.

One Amazon reviewer raved, “Love the colors and the feel of this blanket. Light enough in weight to not be annoying and warm enough to keep cozy. My kid has stolen it multiple times. :-)”.

6. Damero Double Layer Stethoscope Case

A nurses stethoscope takes a real beating throughout the year. That is why we added this case to our best Christmas gifts for nurses list. Nurses aren’t great at buying new gear to replace their old beat-up gear. This will be a pleasant surprise. This case is compatible with the 3M Littmann and is considered “universal”. It should fit all of the popular stethoscopes out there. A lot of nurses use these types of cases to store all of their shift supplies in too. Pens, dry-erase markers, scissors, and highlighters, etc. We like that this case has separated compartments to keep all these shift essentials separated.

This Amazon reviewer boasts, “Bought it for myself some of the nurses saw it and fell in love with it also.”

7. Bluemaple 6 Pack Copper Compression Socks

You can never, ever go wrong gifting nurses compression socks. These not only are a cute design for nurses to show off to their peers, but as the description states, they keep your feet and legs fresh throughout the day by providing a mild squeezing action to support enhanced Increase circulation. These socks are also made with a unique copper fiber that promotes healing. The nursing profession is very hard on the feet. The nurse in your life will find this gift very thoughtful. Again, these are one of those self-care items that nurses aren’t great at buying for themselves.

One reviewer raved, “I bought these for my wife who is a nurse because her old ones were looking raggedy and she loves wearing them when she is on her feet for 13 hours a day”.

8. Earnest Living Essential Oil Diffuser

And Purchase With Cliganic Organic Aromatherapy Essential Oils Gift Set

An essential oil diffuser WITH high-quality organic essential oils is a great Christmas gift for nurses.

Some shifts are truly terrible. It’s just the sad reality of being a nurse. The things nurses see and experience on the job are hard to forget. They say to leave your work at the door, but sometimes that is hard for nurses. They need a little help. That’s why this is a perfect gift to give that special nurse in your life. They can come home, get in the bath, wrap themselves in their hoodie blanket, and turn on their diffuser, and heal from the day. This is also a great gift idea for night shift nurses to help them relax and go to sleep which can be hard when it’s light out in the morning.

This diffuser is equipped with a waterless auto shut-off function which is great for the nurse who will likely fall asleep pretty quickly to this.

One reviewer states, “My wife recently purchased this to use in our bedroom as we are relaxing getting ready to sleep. I was worried the smell would be strong but I have been pleasantly surprised with how the scent is “just enough.”

Included in the essential oils gift set are: peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemongrass, rosemary, frankincense, and orange. Cliganic organic essential oils are a single-ingredient product. No synthetic additives, ever.

One Amazon reviewer raves, “This set came with EOs that I didn’t even know I liked or needed. I love the smell of the frankincense and how calm it makes me feel.”

9. TISSCARE Shiatsu Massage Foot Massager Machine

This really should go number one on our best Christmas gifts for nurses list because come on… Every nurse comes home with extremely sore and tired feet. This is another product that a nurse is not going to buy themself but if you bought it for them they are going to FREAK out. This is such a generous and thoughtful gift. This foot massager boasts a simulated hand massage experience. The temperature goes up to 125°F helping to accelerate blood circulation, and maintain muscle and skin vitality. It is also safe and therapeutic for people with edema in their legs and feet. Hello? Nurses! But seriously, this is a great gift. You can’t go wrong.

One Amazon reviewer raved, “This foot massager has seamlessly integrated into my self-care routine, providing an almost spa-like experience from the comfort of my home.”

10. Pofily Nurse Blanket

This is a thoughtful gift for the nurse in your life who loves personalization. This is for the proud and patriotic nurse as well. If they have an office in their home this is a great blanket to put on display in there. It’s made of fleece sherpa so it is a soft and cozy blanket for them to snuggle up with on their days off work. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with gifting blankets. It is another item that people don’t always splurge on themselves. This one is sure to bring a smile to their face when they open it.

11. Sterling Silver Stethoscope Cross Necklace

This one seemed fitting to add to our Christmas gifts for nurses for obvious reasons. For the Christian nurse, this is the reason for the season. Many Christian nurses bring their faith into their work. This is a very thoughtful gift for the nurse who is a person of faith. This might not only bring a smile to their face, but possibly a tear or two as well. If they have sensitive skin this necklace is lead-free, nickel-free, cadmium-free, and hypoallergenic. The company states that this will not irritate the clients skin. So this is a necklace they can safely wear every day if they like. Since it is sterling silver it will not discolor.

One Amazon reviewer stated, “Very lovely cross. Purchased for myself as a gift to myself:) I was a little hesitant to wear it all of the time feeling it may change color because of the great price. I’ve had it for roughly a month and even while showering, so far so good!!”

12. PETALSUN Handmade Lavender Natural Soy Wax Candle

This Christmas gift is for the nurse in your life with a great sense of humor. As the company states, “This thoughtful gift, perfect for appreciation, is a fantastic way to express your recognition and gratitude for her dedication and hard work.” What we like about these candles is that they are handmade and made with essential oils. They also use soy wax which is healthier for the air quality in the home. You can read more about the health benefits of choosing soy candles over paraffin right here.

This Amazon reviewer raved, “Always questionable about buying scented things online because you don’t get to test it. It smells great though! Not overwhelming for people who get headaches from strong smells, but not super weak either.”

christmas gifts for nurses

To conclude our Best Christmas Gifts for Nurses List

When it comes to the best Christmas gifts for nurses, the best strategy is to stick with nursing-related gear and self-care items. Nurses are part of a really special culture. This is actually a benefit to the gift-givers because there is so much niche nurse gear out there.

At the end of the day though, the special nurse in your life is going to appreciate whatever you give them. Why is that? Because nurses are givers by nature. They give, and give, and give. So to get something with thought means a little more to them than the average person.

We hope this list was helpful to get you started in your Christmas shopping for a nurse journey. Please comment below if you found any particular item suggestion helpful. Happy holidays!

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