23 Classy and Generous Gift Ideas For Nurses In 2022

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So what kind of gifts do nurses want? You’ve asked, so we have set you up with an epic gift ideas for nurses list that is classy, thoughtful, and not the stereotypical “nurse” gifts that can get a little cheesy for most nurses.

Nurses want gifts that will look beautiful in their homes, are functional, and gifts that will help them with their self-care needs.

This is a gift ideas for nurses list written by nurses, for nurses, with deep thought and consideration. Many of these gifts are inclusive to both male and female nurses as well. Ideas for gifts for male nurses can be hard to come by so we hope you can find what you need here.

But first, you know… Nurses are tired, hungry, and look very forward to their upcoming stretches of days off. So with that in mind, we believe these gift ideas for nurses will help you get a big hug from a very grateful nurse in your life.

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1. Tea and Mug Gift Set

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This tea and mug gift set is the perfect gift to start off our gift ideas for nurses list. While working a super tough shift, almost every nurse fantasizes about just kicking back with a nice cup of tea in a cute mug while watching some of their favorite shows. This set is especially thoughtful because it comes with cute and cozy socks, a candle to light, and a cute succulent decoration to add some warmth to their space.

2. Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set

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Here is a gift idea for nurses that could actually be a great fit for both men and women. Does the nurse in your life like to entertain on their weekends off? This is a beautiful charcuterie board and knife set, and it is actually very affordable too. If your loved one doesn’t have a nice board set when entertaining, this is a perfect opportunity to set them up. It’s never fun when you have people over and you don’t have anything aesthetically pleasing to serve appetizers on.

3. Whiskey Gift Set for Men & Women

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Let’s be real. Nurses are just like everyone else, and sometimes just need a good stiff drink after a rough workday. It goes down even smoother when you have beautiful glassware to enjoy your favorite beverage in. This is a beautiful whiskey decanter set and would make a very thoughtful and special gift for nurses.

4. Ivation Wine Gift Set

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One of the nicest things you can do for the nurse in your life is to help them get into their bottle of wine faster. In all seriousness though, this is a very thoughtful gift idea for your wine-loving nurse. It comes with an electric wine opener and aerator which just makes the experience of opening and pouring a bottle of wine so much classier, and easier. It also comes with a few more accessories that only a true wino will appreciate.

5. Leather Handmade Duffel Bag

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This is a beautiful, and unisex, leather duffel bag. We nurses love to take a weekend getaway trip whenever we have the chance, but sometimes a nice overnight bag is such an afterthought. So let’s help your nurse out, and help them look and feel good when they are walking into the nice hotel or resort with their luggage this time. No wrinkled and worn-out duffel bags they have had for fifteen years.

6. Light-Weight Yard Dice Game Set

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This is a great gift idea for nurses who love to entertain at home. These are some really nice, weather-resistant, large dice, with many game ideas to play that are included in the set. These can easily be played outdoors during a summer bbq, or just on a nurse’s weekend off. A gift like this is always a welcome addition to a nurse’s entertaining/games collection.

7. Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager with Heat

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I’m sure you already know this, but nurses have very sore shoulders, and backs. We lift patients in bed, and off the bed, and we balance their weight when transferring, multiple times a shift. We try to use proper ergonomics but sometimes there isn’t enough time or warning in certain circumstances. This is a very thoughtful gift, and definitely a classy touch to acknowledge their physical needs.

8. Medcursor Foot Massager Machine with Heat

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Why not piggyback off the last suggestion and continue with the self-care theme here? This is a very popular foot massager on Amazon, and few trades are as hard on their feet as the nursing trade. The nurse in your life works 13-14 hour days, three to four times a week. To help them continue longevity in their career, this is a very thoughtful and classy gift to give.

9. Eterluck Wooden Docking Station

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While this is marketed to men, this could definitely be used by both male and female nurses. I personally find the more tools to keep me organized on my off days, the smoother my shift days go. This is a really high-quality organization tool that will look classy on their end table. It is also proudly environmentally friendly, so it was a winner on our gift ideas for nurses list.

10. Gskyer Telescope

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This is another really cool unisex gift for nurses. This is perfect for the nurse in your life who loves to hang out on their patio in the evenings. It’s is a beginner telescope, that is kid-friendly as well. This is a gift they can enjoy either alone, or with their loved ones on nights off. If they really enjoy looking at the stars and are interested in space, this is a very classy and generous gift idea for nurses. This is a very relaxing and grounding gift when you have a high-stress job.

11. Natural Handmade Relaxing Basket

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This is a very thoughtful and classy gift basket to add to our gift ideas for nurses. If the nurse in your life enjoys taking baths after a long shift, they can always use some high-quality spa products to add to their collection. I liked that this one was made in the USA, and also included a soy candle to light while in the bath.

12. Hydroponic Indoor Garden

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This is a great gift for the health-conscious nurse in your life who loves to cook. They would be able to grow herbs right on their kitchen counter, and it would also provide a beautiful and relaxing ambiance for them after a long shift. If they are a true plant lover, this is a super classy gift idea.

13. Costa Farms Mini Succulent 

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Keeping with the plant theme, if your nurse loves succulents, this is a beautiful set for them to go crazy with. When it comes to succulents, people who are fans, are usually very big fans of this plant. So if you know that the nurse in your life loves succulents, this is a very thoughtful and classy gift. Succulents are very sturdy plants and will give your nurse joy for a very long time.

14. Movie Night Popcorn Kernels and Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack

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I know for a fact that many nurses just can’t wait to go home, kick up their feet, and watch a good movie or show that they enjoy. This is a very classy and thoughtful movie night popcorn kit to give to the nurse in your life. If they don’t have a microwave popcorn popper, you can grab one here, and choose their favorite color to complete this gift. They will probably use it every single night. It becomes a very addicting, but also healthy, high-fiber, nighttime ritual.

15. Elegant Battillo Home Brown Faux Fur Blanket

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I can’t think of a single nurse who would not love to wrap themselves in a beautiful blanket like this after a long tiresome shift. Male or female. Especially in the cooler months. There are also many beautiful colors to choose from, so it is a beautiful year-long decorative blanket. This blanket also has great reviews, and it being faux fur, it is vegetarian-vegan friendly, if the nurse in your life is into that kind of thing.

16. Outdoor String Lights

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Outdoor string lights are a great gift idea for nurses because they can add a really nice ambiance when winding down after a long shift. On a nice night after a shift, these can make all the difference to their mood with a nice glass of wine to go along with it. These lights can completely transform an outdoor space no matter how big or how small their backyard is.

17. Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

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This gift idea pairs along nicely with the string lights before it. The nurse in your life will be set. They can come outside to their beautiful string-lit patio, full glass of wine in hand, with their music of choice playing in the background through beautifully lit outdoor speakers. This is what nurses want guys, not a healthcare hero mug. I’m just kidding, there is always a place and time for those. But when it comes to classy gift ideas for nurses, these are the things we have to think about.

18. Forever Flowers Preserved Roses

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This is a beautiful gift idea for the nurse in your life who loves more feminine or girly decor. The eternal flowers are a super popular gift right now because it just sucks when flowers die. It sucks to buy something that will die soon, and it sucks to receive gifts that will die soon. So if you love to give flowers, this is a great idea. This is a beautiful decoration that would fit nicely in your nurse’s personal office, or could even add some elegance to their office too.

19. Carhartt Legacy Women’s Tote

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Sometimes nurses don’t want to bring their expensive purses to work. We have to stuff our purses into dirty lockers. Also, when we work on a rainy day, and have a long walk to our unit from the car, the last thing we want is the weather to ruin our beautiful and expensive purses. That’s why it’s really better to have a “work” purse. This is a high-quality purse designed for working people. I don’t see why a man couldn’t use this bag for his lunches or whatever he wants too. It is water repellant and will last your nurse for years.

20. Pfaltzgraff Gabriela 16-Piece Stoneware Dinnerware Set

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This is one of our favorite items on our gift ideas for nurses list. For the nurses that like to have dinner parties, collecting nice dinnerware is important. As busy nurses, sometimes we don’t get around to things like that. This is a beautifully classy, and vintage looking set. I personally know many nurses who would love to receive a gift like this.

21. Crock-Pot Artisan Cast Iron Dutch Oven

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I personally know a lot of nurses who like to spend their days off cooking home-cooked meals, and meal prepping for the week. This is a beautiful dutch oven made by Crock-Pot. This is a great gift idea for nurses because not only is it functional, but it is also a beautiful kitchen decoration. Many people like to leave their dutch ovens on their stoves because they are a beautiful kitchen item to look at.

22. Ionic Facial Steamer

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Working in hospitals is really hard on a nurse’s skin. As a licensed esthetician myself, I know how important it is to take care of your skin. Not only for the health of your skin, but for our self-esteem as we age. And well, whether we like it or not, we are aging every single day. One of everyone’s favorite parts about getting a facial is the steam. Now, booking facials is not always doable in a nurse’s busy life. This way she can open up her pores, and deep clean all the built-up debris from recycled air in the hospitals. All from the comfort of her home. This is a very classy and generous gift idea for nurses.

23. Apple Watch SE

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We saved this item for last because it is definitely a “big” and generous gift. However, Apple Watch’s are intensely useful for nurses. Many nurses are parents, and are not supposed to have their phones on them while on the floor. The Apple Watch allows them to get their phone calls and texts in case of an emergency. It also has many fitness settings so a nurse can monitor their activity throughout their shift. It is an immensely valuable tool for nurses, and if they haven’t had the courage to treat themself with this yet, here is your opportunity to do it for them.

To Conclude Our Gift Ideas For Nurses List:

Yes, nurses are just like everyone else, but there is no doubt about it. Nurses do have some pretty specific needs due to the job. Relaxation, self-care, and physical healing are just to name a few really important things for nurses to be mindful of.

We feel confident that any of these gifts you choose from this list are going to mean a lot to the nurse in your life, but not only that, will make a lasting and positive impact on their lives as well.

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