23 Nursing Instructor Gifts They Will Never Ever Forget

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Looking for just the right nursing instructor gifts, that are not only memorable but will genuinely touch their hearts?

Nursing instructors can sometimes be unsung heroes in the nursing industry today. Without them, there wouldn’t be any nurses taking the NCLEX and being licensed every day. So their job is extremely important to the growth and professionalism of this career path. Being in a nursing shortage, their job is more important than ever, and we need more nursing instructors.

Therefore, we want to help you pick the perfect gift as a thank you to your nursing instructors. These nursing instructor gifts are thoughtful, memorable, and they will truly show your instructors how much their time and effort has meant to you.

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1. Key Rack (With Mail Holder)

Nursing instructors have a lot of keys to keep track of, so therefore this is a perfect nursing instructor gift. This key holder has an elegant and rustic design and it will look really beautiful in your nursing instructor’s office. As an added bonus, it has a mail organizer for when students or faculty leave need to leave notes if the instructor is not in their office. This is a memorable gift because it is so functional and they will use it for many years.

2. Candle

This is a very thoughtful and memorable candle to gift your nursing instructor, especially if they are also a mother. What we like about this candle is that it is lavender scented to reduce stress, and it is a soy wax candle. Soy wax is healthier for humans and the environment. The lavender induces relaxation and relieves stress, which all teachers need. When it comes to nursing instructor gifts, you can never go wrong with a high-quality candle. Especially one with such an empowering message like this one has.

3. Christmas Ornament

This ceramic Christmas ornament will definitely touch your nursing instructor’s heart. Christmas ornaments are one of those very thoughtful gifts that so many people don’t even think about. Every time your instructor decorates their tree, they will think about you, and the semester they were able to spend with you. Just make sure to use a fine point sharpie to write your name and class on the back. Every time they read your name, they will never forget you.

4. Password Book

Nursing instructors have a ton of passwords to keep track of. Colleges require a lot of passwords, as well as clinical sites. This is a very thoughtful gift to add to our nursing instructor gifts list because it tells them that you are thinking about what their job entails and how you want to make it easier for them. This is also a great addition to any nursing instructor gift basket you may like to build for them.

5. Throw Blanket

This microfiber wool blanket will look super cute in your nursing instructor’s office. Especially if they have a nice couch, or comfy chair, to throw it on in there. They may also want to keep it at home to wrap themselves in when they are catching up on grading assignments. Either way, they will never forget the student who gifted them such a thoughtful and empowering blanket.

6. Key Chain

As we mentioned before, most nursing instructors have a lot of keys to keep track of. This is such a fun and memorable key chain to add to our nursing instructor gifts list because sometimes, the most practical things are the most thoughtful things. Every time your instructor looks at their keys they will think about the nursing student who gave them this cute key chain.

7. Tote Bag

Nursing instructors have to “tote” around a lot of books, papers, and supplies. They are going from their home to the college, to the hospitals, etc. This tote bag shows them that you not only appreciate them but that you are proud of what their job does for society. What is nice about this tote is that it was designed to be durable and to hold heavy items.

8. Coffee Mug

This is not only a very memorable coffee mug to add to our nursing instructor gifts list, but it is also hilarious! Everyone can use more laughs in nursing school, that includes your instructors too! This mug is printed on both sides, and it holds 11 ounces of student tears, err I mean, coffee…

9. Gym Shirt

If you have a clinical instructor who is a gym buff in their free time, this is a very thoughtful and memorable gift. This is a lightweight, classic fit tank, and it lets them (low-key) represent nursing instructors at the gym. Every time they wear this tank they will think about the student(s) who were so thoughtful and cared about their interests outside of school.

10. Bangle Bracelet

This is a beautifully thoughtful and memorable gift to give to your nursing instructor. Bangle bracelets are known for being timeless pieces of jewelry. Bangle charm bracelets allow people to express themselves and make for a very sentimental gift. This is a special one to add to our nursing instructor gifts list due to it being so meaningful.

11. Paperweight

This crystal glass paperweight, which is filled with rhinestones btw, will be sure to make an impact on your nursing instructor forever! This is so thoughtful and beautiful, they will be sure to always remember the student who gifted them this thoughtful gift. The apple is a symbol for teachers, so it is the perfect timeless piece to keep on their desk.

12. Coasters

We added these motivational coasters to our nursing instructor gifts list because of the long hours our instructors spend at their desks grading clinical paperwork, etc. This is a thoughtful gift because they need to protect their desk from all the coffee and beverages they drink to keep themselves going. What is nice is that these are unglazed ceramic coasters, so they are absorbent, not just decorative.

13. Tumbler

A high-quality tumbler is always a welcome nursing instructor gift to give. This one is stainless steel, which is best for health and it holds the 20 ounces of coffee your instructor needs to get through the day. We also like that this is a great gift for both male and female nursing instructors.

14. Pen Holder

This pen holder was literally designed to say “thank you” to nurses. This pen holder is hand-painted and made of polyResin, which is virtually unbreakable. Therefore, it will last your nursing instructor for many years, and there is no doubt about it. They will always remember the sweet student who gifted this memorable and unique item to them.

15. Wall Art

One thing that nursing instructors are always in search of is inspiring wall art for their offices. When it comes to gifts for nursing instructors, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful decoration for them. This specific piece contains empowering and motivating statements. This is not only a memorable gift but an inspiring one as well.

16. Self-Care Box

Everyone needs to spend more time on their self-care, and this includes your nursing instructors too. This box not only shows your appreciation for your nursing instructor, but it also shows you want to help them relax when they get the time. This box has a stainless steel tumbler that you can personalize as well as high-quality skin care.

17. Kendra Scott Heart Necklace

The white heart is the universal symbol in nursing. This is a gift for a nursing instructor who really left an impact on you, one that will last the rest of your life. Additionally, this is a delicate and dainty necklace and nursing instructors of all ages will love this piece. This is quite possibly the most thoughtful and memorable gift a nursing student could give.

18. Vintage Medical Wall Art

This is a thoughtful and memorable gift for your nursing instructor who loves history and anatomy. They are size 8X10 and will need 4 frames. Here is an amazon link to a pack of 4 frames right here. This is a very memorable gift because it is so unique.

19. Wine Glass Tumbler

Here is another funny, yet still cute and classy gift for your nursing instructor. This is especially thoughtful if you know that your instructor enjoys a nice glass of wine after a long day. What’s especially great is that this wine tumbler is dishwasher safe and so the writing is designed to last for years and years.

20. Coffee Gift Basket

When it comes to nursing instructor gifts, you can never go wrong with a thoughtful gift basket. This is the perfect gift for your coffee-loving instructor. What’s nice about this gift basket is that it comes with really cute socks and a coffee mug. That is what makes this a truly memorable gift for your nursing instructor.

21. Signature Picture Frame

Now, this would be a great gift from the whole class! What could be more memorable than a class photo with little personalized notes and signatures written into the frame? When it comes to pictures, nothing is more memorable than that. I can’t think of a single teacher who wouldn’t be extremely touched by a thoughtful, and coordinated gift like this.

22. Picture Hanging Board

Here is another picture option that will look great in your nursing instructor’s office. What makes this gift extra thoughtful and memorable is the sweet message on it. If someone in your class has a polaroid camera, it would be a great idea to coordinate and take some great pictures through the semester to hang on here. When it comes to nursing instructor gifts, it’s hard to beat thoughtfully taken pictures.

23. Stethoscope Cross Necklace

This would be a very sweet and memorable gift for your nursing instructor who is open about their faith. It is made of 3A high-quality sterling silver so it will last and look beautiful for years to come. It is also specially made for long-term wearing. Additionally, it also comes ready to gift in a beautiful gift box. This seemed like the perfect nursing instructor gift to round up our best nursing instructor gifts list.

FAQ (Gifts for Nursing Instructors)

What do you give a nursing clinical instructor?

The best gifts for nursing clinical instructors are thoughtful but shouldn’t be expensive. A signature frame with a group picture, a self-care gift basket, and personalized tumblers are some great gift examples for your nursing teacher.

Conclusion (Nursing Instructor Gifts):

nursing instructor gifts

We build special relationships with our nursing instructors. The semesters are long and trying. But our nursing instructors are always there to support us and to make sure we get through our nursing programs. Without them, there would be no nurses. So we thank them for all they do, and we hope one of these gifts makes them feel loved and appreciated for the superheroes they are.

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