7 Law of Attraction Habits To Get Your Dream Job

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If you are looking into implementing powerful law of attraction habits to get your dream job, you came to one of the many right places. There is so much knowledge on this subject, it is just about finding the right person’s delivery that speaks to you.

First, let’s establish what the law of attraction means to this particular author. There are many generic definitions out there, but I prefer aiming to be authentic and original, but more importantly, to just keep this simple.

I started using the Law of Attraction in 2018. These are the results (I currently have) that I manifested:

  • I graduated nursing school with a 4.0
  • I am a licensed registered nurse
  • I landed my dream job working on a postpartum unit
  • We doubled the square footage of our home with a CHEAPER mortgage
  • We have a savings for the first time in our lives

The law of attraction works. In 5 years time, our lives are radically different. If I had never found it, I have no idea where I would be right now and I don’t even want to think about that. Now I find myself in a place of having to dream bigger and think about what else I want to achieve/receive.

So how does it work?

The law of attraction means tapping into your subconscious mind to attract the life you desire.

Your subconscious mind is what directs your life, but its totally under the radar. It is our autopilot system, your guiding system, your belief system. It results in your habits, behaviors, and how you take or don’t take action instinctually. If you believe you are not smart, your subconscious will guide you to make what you determine as, not smart decisions. If you believe you are smart, your subconscious will guide you to make what you determine as, smart decisions.

Like attracts like.

Let’s use one more example, just to really drive it home. If you believe your body is fat and unhealthy, your subconscious will guide you to eat the foods that you believe make, or keep, you fat and unhealthy. If you believe you are thin and healthy, your subconscious mind will guide you to eat the foods that you believe make, or keep you thin and healthy.

In this article, we will now go over 7 law of attraction habits to get you your dream job.

law of attraction habits to get you your dream job

Habit #1: Visualize yourself in your dream job

Visualization is powerful. If you can mentally see something, there is no reason why it can’t become your reality. This is why it is so important to take your thoughts captive. If you keep seeing yourself as failing, struggling financially, having a run-down home, or even no home, your subconscious mind guides you to that life that it thinks you are desiring. You will subconsciously make daily decisions that get you closer to that result. There is no good or bad to your subconscious. It does what you program it with, with no judgment and no opinions. Your computer does not care what you do, it does what you tell it to within its software capabilities.

What makes the law of attraction even more powerful than a computer is that you are a limitless and eternal being. You are part of the energy source called God. You ARE it! There is so much power at your disposal, now it is your job to learn how to use that power, hopefully, for good.

Law of attraction habits to get your dream job

If you visualize yourself clocking into work in your dream field, walking into that beautiful office with an incredible and vibrant view, and then driving home in your dream car, your subconscious will guide you to make daily decisions that will get you closer to that goal. You programmed and downloaded that software, that game, into your subconscious mind.

It is very important that you don’t expect overnight results. The Law of Attraction is a long game. It is for life. It is a lifestyle. You may achieve your goals and dreams within a year, for others it could take five, or even ten years etc. The point is that you are enjoying every step of the journey. That your life is incrementally improving every step of the way.

Habit #2: Surround yourself with people who live the life that you want.

There is a saying that you become who you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with negative people, with negative beliefs about the world, and who are even possibly involved in crime to get what they want, how do you think you are going to behave? How can you expect to think positively when surrounded by fear and despair?

For some people, they have been raised in environments like this their whole lives. Some may call it “generational curses”. It affects every single race and culture of people, no group of people are completely immune or safe from it.

There is absolutely something to this, it is not just in some people’s minds. It is our job as lightworkers to do everything we can to spread our light, and hope, to areas in our world that have been neglected and taken advantage of by their own governments and financial systems.

We should use the law of attraction to benefit the whole world, not just ourselves. But it does have to start with you. By you attracting a better life for yourself, you make the world that much of a better place.

law of attraction habits to get you your dream job

Habit #3: Change your idea of what success means.

The fastest way for someone to get out of poverty in America is to get an education. Take advantage of the FAFSA, and those who qualify should get their first two years of college paid for. Getting a two-year degree, especially in a valuable trade space, can do wonders for a persons life who is in a cycle of poverty.

People who are exploring the law of attraction must understand that the result does not have to mean becoming a multimillionaire with a mansion and a Ferrari for this to be successful. Everyone has their own subjective opinion of what equals success. It’s also good to set expectant milestones along the way and focus on those first.

Unfortunately, the reality tv space has taken over websites like YouTube. Many people act like they have achieved massive wealth for doing close to nothing, and will make you believe you can do it too. The truth is, many of these gurus have actually rented the entire facade for film and live very differently in real life. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Law of attraction habits to get your dream career

We all have gifts and talents. Our society depends on people pursuing those gifts and talents, or our society will collapse. My personal dream job was to be a registered nurse. That achievement is what equaled success for me, and I have it now. I chose that path because I am good at taking care of people, and I am interested in the human body, and the disease processes. I love being a part of the solution team to improve people’s quality of life. A registered nurse’s salary also provides very well for your family, and that is okay to acknowledge.

You do not have to be a billionaire to have an awesome life. I repeat, it is okay to not be a billionaire. Making even just six figures does wonders for your life and it is very achievable.

Perhaps you’re a young man with a fascination for cars. You want to know everything about them, how they run, how they can improve. So you enroll yourself in a trade school to learn how to be a mechanic. This would get you a job to start earning a decent living relatively quickly, and you can gain the necessary basic level experience.

Looking a few years down the line, perhaps your true passion is luxury cars and tricking them out for a specific customer group. If you continue your law of attraction journey with positive habits, you could open your own custom upgrades car shop and make an awesome living, AND employ people in your community. Everybody wins.

Habit 4: Start thinking about the greater good.

I have been learning about the law of attraction for quite a few years now. I think we all go through a phase when we first find it. We watch the documentary The Secret, for instance, and then we all start thinking about a lottery life scenario.

We might start thinking about mansions with an ocean view, a Jeffrey Star level car collection, and never having to work again. There is nothing wrong with this, it is normal. It does not make you a bad person, but it is generally the ground floor level surface level in the journey.

It can be a bit selfish. But again, that is okay. It is all part of our progression and evolution.

Start thinking to yourself; is your dream job, specific? You should have a clear job description in mind. Write it down. Hang it up. It could be a position you can be employed in, or it could be a company you want to create in a specific space.

Either way, hopefully, the position you have in mind will help the greater good in moving humanity further. Because the truth is, that is what is truly going to give you long-term happiness and a solid sense of self-worth. That is priceless. This doesn’t have to be on a global scale, or even a national scale, to make a difference. Just in your own city would do wonders for humanity. Everything starts local and builds out from there.

Habit 5: Start taking care of your physical health.

The better you feel, and look physically, the more confident you will be. Confidence is key in getting out there and going after your dreams and goals. If you are eating unhealthy, heavy foods, not exercising, and holding onto stagnant energy, everything falls apart, including your finances and opportunities.

You don’t have to go on some hard-core diet that in and of itself can become an unhealthy obsession and distraction. Just use your innate and Source-given intuition. We all know that fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and humanely raised animal foods build your body, and are good for your health. We don’t need to sit in on long lectures to understand that. It is common sense.

Drink plenty of water to enhance your connection to universal knowledge through healthy cellular communication. Everyone says it, everyone knows it, yet we still don’t take it seriously.

Your body is 70-75% water. Water needs to flow and move freely or it becomes stagnant. Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day to ensure a gentle and abundant flow.

It’s hard to be successful and reach goals when your physical health is suffering.

law of attraction habits to get you your dream job

Habit 6: Consume a lot of content that is relevant to your dream job

One of the best ways to be successful in a career is to be an expert. The job you desire can’t just sound cool only to find out you actually hate it. You should know as much as possible about the field already. You should know what the future of the field looks like as well, and how you want to be a part of it. That way you can be one step ahead in moving the industry forward.

Be passionate about the space you want to be in. As the saying goes, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. This is one of the most important law of attraction habits to get you your dream job. If you are interested in a certain specialty, it should consume most of your thoughts. Speeding up the opportunities coming your way.

If you’re not sure what you are passionate about, that is another reason why school can be so important. You will be exposed to so many different areas when completing general education requirements. You might find that you absolutely love writing, or you may find that you are loving math now that you are older and want to explore engineering and building things.

Get out there and live. Explore and come into contact with as many areas and facets as possible.

Habit #7: Practice gratitude for what you have right now.

This piece of advice used to kind of irk me. I used to think, “I’m unhappy, that is why I am using the law of attraction to get out of this life, duh.”

Now that I am a little older, a little wiser, I have learned why this habit is so important. If you do not appreciate what you have right now, you will never appreciate what you have tomorrow, or five, or ten years from now.

How many of us had so much less five or ten years ago, and are still just as unhappy, if not even more today? It is because we never learned the daily habit of appreciation and gratitude. This is not something that is always practiced in families. This is new information for a lot of us.

I have also heard that if you don’t appreciate something, you don’t take care of it. That is why we sometimes lose everything, or we lose our health, and/or fitness, etc. If you don’t appreciate it and aren’t thankful for it, why would you maintain it?

Daily gratitude. Focus on 2-3 things that you are grateful for. Just for a few moments every day. And truly feel the warmth and positive feelings from those things. Bask in it for a few moments. It is truly incredible what it does to the productivity of your day.

It might not feel like it right now, but you do have gratitude for things in your life. A roof over your head perhaps, an internet connection to learn, a family, friends, etc. Whatever applies to you, start your day thinking about how happy whatever it is makes you. You will already start your day way ahead of most people.

Conclusion of Law of Attraction Habits to Get Your Dream Job

In the famous words of Earl Nightingale, “You become what you think about”. What do you want out of life? Now think about it, all the time. The Law of Attraction is about your intentions and your attention TO those intentions. That’s how it works. It’s actually so simple.

Using these Law of Attraction habits to get your dream job have nothing to do with luck. Which is great news. So much of this is in your control. Don’t let that overwhelm you though. Let it excite you and motivate you.

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