13 Meal Prep Recipes For Nurses Who Hate Cooking

meal prep recipes for nurses

I must confess, yes, I’m a nurse who hates cooking… But I do care very much about mine and my family’s health, and I’m assuming that’s you too if you’re here. That is why I did extensive research on coming up with the perfect roundup post of meal prep recipes for my fellow nurses who … Read more

11 Winning Potluck Ideas For Nurses and Healthcare Workers

potluck for nurses

Wow, another potluck? But more specifically, yes, a potluck for nurses, created by nurses. I don’t know about your facility, but it seems like every other week someone is trying to coordinate a potluck for some reason or another. But hey, I’m not complaining. Okay, yes I am, but only when I have no idea … Read more

11 Time-Saving Meals For Nurses To Make After Long Shifts

easy meals for nurses

Easy meals for nurses after a long shift, do they exist? There is nothing like coming home after a long 13-hour nursing shift, and then facing the fact you have to make dinner. You may even have a partner, and/or little ones to feed too. I went with Instant Pot recipes because it is 2022… … Read more