23 Nursing Instructor Gifts They Will Never Ever Forget

nursing instructor gifts

Looking for just the right nursing instructor gifts, that are not only memorable but will genuinely touch their hearts? Nursing instructors can sometimes be unsung heroes in the nursing industry today. Without them, there wouldn’t be any nurses taking the NCLEX and being licensed every day. So their job is extremely important to the growth … Read more

What’s The Best Skin Care For Nurses? Here’s 19 Cutting Edge Products!

best skin care for nurses

Have you ever thought about, what is the best skin care for nurses specifically? As a licensed esthetician, and current BSN student, I’m super excited to chat with you about skin care as it relates to the lifestyle of a nurse. When it comes to the preferred lifestyle of most nurses, simplicity is key. Therefore, … Read more

23 Classy and Generous Gift Ideas For Nurses In 2022

gift ideas for nurses

So what kind of gifts do nurses want? You’ve asked, so we have set you up with an epic gift ideas for nurses list that is classy, thoughtful, and not the stereotypical “nurse” gifts that can get a little cheesy for most nurses. Nurses want gifts that will look beautiful in their homes, are functional, … Read more