How I Scored Over 1000 On The HESI Exams in Nursing School

how to score 1000 on hesi

When I was in nursing school, our program used the HESI as our standardized test to prepare us for the NCLEX exam. If you are looking for tips on how to score over 1000 on the HESI I feel confident that you have come to the right place. I understand how stressed out and nervous … Read more

The Med Surg HESI Exam: How I Scored A 1217 With This One Success Tool

med surg hesi exam

Is the Med Surg HESI hard? If you are soon going to take your Med Surg HESI, I know exactly how you feel. Confused, stressed, and possibly panicking a little bit… I feel you. If you asked your professors how to prepare for this exam and they said, “I don’t know, nobody knows what’s going … Read more

How To Pass the HESI A2 Entrance Exam In the 90th Percentile

how to pass the hesi a2

I was SCARED to take this exam. In fact, I canceled it twice! If you are wanting to learn how to pass the HESI A2 entrance exam, and you only want to do it once, you are in the right place. The best way to pass the HESI A2 entrance exam is to first get … Read more