9 Remote Nursing Jobs To Satisfy Burnt Out Nurses

remote nursing jobs

Did you know that nursing doesn’t have to be at the bedside, and that remote nursing jobs are now on the rise? Why? Because nurses have a lot more to offer than just bedside nursing, and industries need their knowledge and expertise for other positions as well. Something that has really been concerning lately is … Read more

7 Best Jobs for Nurses Over 50 That Are Actually Cool

best jobs for nurses over 50

Have you been curious about what are the best jobs for nurses over 50? We truly did our homework here at Midlife Nursing. We know that our older adult nurses are ready to bring their knowledge, and experience, to the forefront of their careers. And we need them in these types of roles that usually … Read more

How To Stay Awake During Night Shift? 19 Proven Tips!

how to stay awake during night shift

Have you ever stayed awake at night, thinking about how to stay awake during night shift? See what we did there? No, but seriously. This is a very serious issue for many people who work the night shift. Most industries who require night shift workers are extremely important to our society. It means that a … Read more

What To Do On Night Shift Days Off? 11 Life Improving Tips!

night shift days off

Are you curious about what you should be doing on your night shift days off? Turns out, you are certainly not alone here. This is a major question among night shifters. If you have recently accepted, or have just started a night shift position, you are probably wondering just how you are supposed to adjust … Read more

How Much Does a Nurse Make? You Owe It To Yourself To Know These Averages

how much do nurses make

Researching salaries for a career is an important step. You want to make sure that you get a good return on your college investment. So how much does a nurse make on average? While money should not be the main motivator for becoming a nurse, the nursing career does in fact provide a largely comfortable … Read more