Should I Go To Nursing School? This Is Your Sign!

should I go to nursing school

If you’re researching different career paths and wondering if you should go to nursing school, please know that I have been exactly where you are. Just know, if you are asking yourself this question, there is a great chance the answer is, yes! Interest in the medical field is a great first step! Many people, … Read more

Nursing School at 30: 9 Reasons It Gives You An Edge!

nursing school at 30

Did you know that going to nursing school at 30, and even older, can actually give you an edge toward your success? Why postpone your future in nursing due to feeling insecure about your age? It’s almost an oxymoron, right? How many times have you thought to yourself, “I want to be a nurse, but … Read more

7 Celebrities Who Were Never Too Old To Succeed

Celebrities Never Too Old To Succeed

Being a former 33 year old nursing student, I was worried that I was too old to go to nursing school. I had to dig anywhere and everywhere I could to research successful people who were never too old to succeed. It gave me so much inspiration and hope to continue chasing after my dreams. … Read more

Can I Be A Nurse If I’m Bad At Math? The Surprising Truth

math and nursing school

If you are wondering if you can be a nurse if you’re bad at math, you are not alone. I promise. This is a super common question. Maybe you got freaked out when you saw that you need to take algebra and statistics for part of your prerequisites. If you are like me, and especially … Read more

Too Old To Become a Nurse? 7 Reasons Why You’re Not!

Too Old To Become a Nurse

Are you interested in becoming a nurse, but you feel like your age is holding you back? You are not too old to become a nurse, and here is why. What is too old anyway? This is a completely subjective opinion, not objective. To a twenty-year-old, getting into nursing in your thirties might sound old … Read more