14 Study Motivation Wallpaper Pictures Using Earl Nightingale Quotes

study motivation wallpaper

Finding the motivation to study can sometimes be much harder than the actual studying itself. That’s why we created 14 study motivation wallpapers to keep you inspired through your studies. Unlocking the secrets of success often involves delving into the lives of those who have achieved greatness before us. Earl Nightingale, a pioneer in the … Read more

10 Inspirational Quotes When You Feel Like Quitting or Giving Up

inspirational quotes for when you feel like quitting

We all feel down and feel like quitting from time to time in our lives. Trust me, you are not alone. I didn’t get into nursing school until I was 33 years old. I started the journey at 24! I didn’t graduate until I was 35. That is ten whole years of working toward a … Read more

7 Hacks To Be More Productive (No-Nonsense)

hacks to be more productive

Are you looking for just the right hacks to be more productive tips to inspire you to get you moving forward? Tips that aren’t overwhelming, but that are actually easy and doable to start today? First things first, how many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll do that (insert important thing), tomorrow”? When we … Read more

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work? A Success Tool For Skeptics

Are you curious about how does the Law of Attraction work exactly? Are you asking yourself, is it even real? If you tend to be a more rational person who appreciates science, evidence, and critical thinking, it can be really difficult to relate to a lot of the people who teach on the Law of … Read more

7 Celebrities Who Were Never Too Old To Succeed

Celebrities Never Too Old To Succeed

Being a former 33 year old nursing student, I was worried that I was too old to go to nursing school. I had to dig anywhere and everywhere I could to research successful people who were never too old to succeed. It gave me so much inspiration and hope to continue chasing after my dreams. … Read more

7 Law of Attraction Habits To Get Your Dream Job

law of attraction dream job

If you are looking into implementing powerful law of attraction habits to get your dream job, you came to one of the many right places. There is so much knowledge on this subject, it is just about finding the right person’s delivery that speaks to you. First, let’s establish what the law of attraction means … Read more