Should I Go To Nursing School? This Is Your Sign!

should I go to nursing school

Isn’t it time you answered your own question, “Should I go to nursing school?” If you are asking yourself this, there is a great chance the answer is, yes! Why? Well, you must have an interest, which is a great first step! That’s where we all start after all. Now let’s address why you are … Read more

I Want To Go To Nursing School But Is Nursing School Hard?

I want to go to nursing school

I got into nursing school at 33 years old. My biggest fear was that it would be too hard for my aging brain… Okay, I’m for sure laughing out loud, maybe you are too. It is pretty ridiculous that I thought I was possibly too old for nursing school at 33 years old. But to … Read more

Is Nursing School Worth It? 7 Genuine Truths

is nursing school worth it

If you are wondering if nursing school is worth it, this is actually a great question. Why? Because the degree you choose to pursue, and pay for, will follow you for essentially the rest of your life. Just a small hand full of decisions we make in our lives hold this much weight. So, maybe … Read more

Too Old To Become a Nurse? 7 Reasons Why You’re Not!

Too Old To Become a Nurse

Are you interested in becoming a nurse, but you feel like your age is holding you back? You are not too old to become a nurse, and here is why. What is too old anyway? This is a completely subjective opinion, not objective. To a twenty-year-old, getting into nursing in your thirties might sound old … Read more